Matt Anderson

Matthew Anderson’s passion for drumming was sparked by his musical parents who were both professional musicians, playing together in a Top-40 cover duo called “The Illusions”. Their guidance and encouragement fostered a lifelong enthusiasm for drumming.
Matt first embraced the percussion world by playing the snare drum in fifth-grade for the school band. The real turning point came in the summer before 8th grade, as Matt’s father, Mark Anderson, took on the role of mentor, introducing the art of drumming on a kit. This pivotal moment sparked a flame that would fuel a lifelong dedication to the craft.

Venturing beyond familial guidance, Matt sought instruction from the esteemed Brian Kendrick, a drum and jazz instructor at the University of the Pacific and San Joaquin Delta College. Under Kendrick’s guidance, Matt honed skills that would later become the backbone of a flourishing musical career.

Matt first started playing with other musicians in his church youth band. The garage became a creative haven as Matt started jamming with friends, experimenting with sounds that would eventually culminate in the formation of the first band, “Cotton,” a rap-metal group. This marked the beginning of Matt’s venture into the diverse landscape of musical genres.

Matt continued to seek out a variety of other musical opportunities, playing for various local groups and artists such as “Living on Titan,” “Variation,” “Jonathan Michelsen,” “Bloodpig,” and “Pounding Portugal.” The versatility displayed in these collaborations showcased Matt’s ability to adapt and contribute to a spectrum of musical styles.

The heartbeat of Matt’s drumming style echoes the influences of legendary figures in the industry. Chad Smith (RHCP), Abe Cunningham (Deftones), Jose Pasillas (Incubus), Sammy J. Watson (The Apex Theory), and Danny Carey (Tool) have all left a lasting mark on Matt’s approach to drumming, contributing to a signature style that seamlessly weaves through various genres.